NOI: 70% Of Nigerians approve Buhari’s 30 days performance


The Presidency has revealed that about 70% of Nigerians surveyed, approve of President Buhari’s job performance in June 2015 (first 30 days in office). On the other hand, a total of 12% of the respondents disapproved of his job performance, whereas, 18% of the respondents were neutral. The poll was conducted by NOI Polls which is
the No. 1 for country-specific polling services in the West African region. They partner with Gallup USA to develop opinion research in Nigeria. .

The poll has been on since 2007 when Late Yar’Ardua was still president. The poll showed that the north-east, north-central and north-west recorded the highest approval percentages. South-east and south-south recorded the lowest. 12% of respondents disapproved of his performance over 30 days because it is too early to evaluate him. .

Respondents mentioned reasons for approving the President’s performance after 30 days in office, stating that security has improved (20%), he has good intentions and he is good so far (16%), and stability of electricity (15%) among others. In addition, the deteriorating power situation in the country seemed to have improved by a whopping 27 points up to 44% (June 2015) from 17% (May 2015) as Nigerians claimed to have experienced more improvement in the month of June 2015. .

By contrast, only 17% of respondents acknowledged that there is no improvement while 22% stated that there is no difference at all in power supply in June 2015…… ppl r saying since GEJ had only 3 A(s) n few B(s) throughout his 5 year course as d president, he finished wt a 2.2 n getting a job after NYSC is usually difficult wt such……

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