After liver transplant from African-American donor, white claims he is turning black.


Semen Gendler, a Russian, was in urgent need of a liver after he was diagnosed with hepatitis C and cancer. The 65-year-old inventor was told by doctors his only hope was a liver transplant. After speaking with contacts in the United States, he
arranged to fly there to have the operation. He said that he had never been somebody to go out in the sun much and had always avoided it even after the transplant which meant he didn’t believe a suntan was the reason for the change in color of his skin.

He believes it is much more likely the fact that he had an organ transplant although admits his doctors have struggled to come up with an explanation as to exactly how the liver is changing his color…. he is planning to bleach his skin so as to nip d negative ‘surulere’ in d bud…..

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