3 Nigerians hacking US bank accounts have been arrested in UAE


Yesterday, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) put an end to the crimes of a Nigerian gang of three people operating out of an apartment in Ajman. They were arrested following a tip-off from police in California about cyber-criminal activity based in the UAE. They
allegedly targeted individuals and institutions in the United States by hacking their emails and accounts to steal private documents and details.


They were apprehended along with the tools of the crime including electronic devices; financial remittance documents; hacking software; bank accounts; and a list of more than 5 million electronic bank accounts targeted by the gang.


The raid resulted in the arrest of B.A, age 24, the mastermind of the gang; G.A, age 26, a partner in the gang; and A.A., age 26, who entered the UAE on a tourist visa. They now face imprisonment with fines of two million dirhams ($544,500) in the UAE….. this is a polite and subtle way of saying they r getting life in jail…..


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