Say hello to the fake police officer who doesn’t know the name of the IG of Police


Handsome Godwin Akhenamen has only succeeded in practicing as a fake police officer for just 12 years before he ran out of luck, stark naked. On Monday, the Lagos State Police Command X-Squad accosted him in Ikeja and asked him to
identify himself. Standing akimbo, he proudly told them he was a police officer. He was then asked who Arase, the IG of police, is.

He quickly fired back by saying he does not know anyone with that name and neither does he have a problem with any man bearing the name as he is a peace loving police officer. That was all they needed. They whisked him away afterwards.

He later confessed that he was only doing the job out of the love he has for the profession and due to the bad economy. After being unable to join the Police Force due to lack of primary education, he borrowed money to sew the uniform and life has been good since then…… he thanked God n d general public for their luv n support all through d years……

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