Girl plunges 40ft to her death after selfie attempt goes horribly wrong


Anna Krupeynikova, 21, was out with pals in Moscow when she leaned against a fence on a bridge to take a picture of herself, but her support gave way, and she plunged 40 feet to her death. Anna, who had just graduated with a degree in tourism, was
traveling on a bus the group had hired to celebrate the birthday of a 19-year-old chum.

They were sightseeing around Moscow, and stopped by a bridge to take a few pictures of the Russian capital. Anna, an enthusiastic dancer who was just weeks away from her 22nd birthday, wandered away from the main group to take a selfie. When she leaned against the fence, with her camera in front of her, it gave way and she tumbled to her death….. ds further proves dt taking selfie is demonic. R.I.P to her……

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