Smugglers beat journalist to stupor


Some hoodlums suspected to be smuggler beat journalist, Yomi Olomofe, to coma last week Thursday over accusations of reporting their activities at the Seme-Badagry area in Lagos. Olomofe, who is the Executive Director of
the Badagry based Prime Magazine gave his account of the sad occurrence thus: “I was with another colleague of mine on a visit to the command, when some smugglers, who claimed that journalists have been writing negative stories about them, pounced on me.


While beating me, they threatened to kill me so as to serve as deterrent to journalists writing stories about them. I was there with the correspondent of Tide Newspaper, thank God a friend from Rotary Club came to take me away, I would have been dead, because I was left there almost lifeless.

These hoodlums are not unknown. They are known to everybody, but they are above the law. They even told me that they have killed many people and nothing happened. I’m calling on the I.G of police to come to my rescue as my life is no longer safe.”…… hope ds won’t b me wen some ppl catch me?

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