Nollywood actress caught stealing again


Yetunde Akilapa, who became popular after some stealing spree is in the news again. And it’s not unrelated to stealing. She survived being beaten to death in January last year after being caught at a house in Magodo, Lagos while stealing. Then, she claimed she was

under spiritual attack and later went for some cleansing of sorts.

But she went back to full action recently. This time, she stole phones from a shop close to where she was undergoing training to become a makeup artist at Fola Agoro, Yaba, Lagos. The actress who was excommunicated from the Yoruba movie industry due to stealing, allegedly sneaked back into the premises after close of work with the aid of a master key to steal from the shop whose owner just imported some goods.

Luck however ran out on her as she was once again caught as usual. And as usual, the blame was dumped at the doorsteps of the devil, who immediately told her to pick it up ASAP. She then said a mysterious voice she hears pushed her into it. The shop owner invited officers from CMS Police Station to arrest her. She was however released 2 days later, to the displeasure of the shop owner, who called in the Special Anti Robbery Squad ( SARS ) to re-arrest her. She’d be charged to court soon.

Embarrassed by the incessant embarrassment, Bose, Yetunde’s sister, rushed to their mother in fury, accusing her of placing a curse on her sister. A scene was created as she tore her mother’s clothe in the full glare of the public. Insisting she revert the curse which she once placed on Yetunde….. b4 she does what’s on her mind, which is, taking everything to d annual general meeting of Ogun, Sango and of course, Amadioha…..

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