Wife walks out on her husband of 8 months to marry his 74-year-old father


Liza Goddard, 36, divorced Jason Harwood, 35, in 2003. But she is now set to become her ex-husband’s stepmother after becoming engaged to Jason’s father, John. Jason had become suspicious of his father and his wife after the trio lived together in the
pensioner’s bedsit in Slough, Berkshire. But Jason only found out about the secret affair after he visited his father to congratulate him on the news of his engagement. .

His father then revealed that his fiancée was his son’s ex-wife. Unemployed Jason told how, ten minutes later, Ms Goddard walked into his father’s home and said: “You’d better get used to the idea of me being your stepmom.” After Jason and Goddard married, they moved into Jason’s father’s bedsit in an attempt to save money. They even spent their wedding night with John in a sleeping bag next to their bed.

Jason suspected that his father and his wife were ‘at it’ at that time. On one occasion, he went to buy his wife a McDonald’s milkshake but returned to the property to check which flavor she wanted. He claims that he then saw Liza in bed with no knickers on while his father was sat in a nearby chair with his flies undone.

When the trio moved to another property shortly afterwards, he got fed up and kicked his father out. Liza left soon afterwards, before they finally got divorced. Meanwhile, Jason’s mother Sharon, said she is absolutely disgusted with the news…… she plans to punish John by marrying Jason so dt she can become John’s mother-in-law….

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