Russian scams, mocks and exposes a Nigerian fraudster on his blog


Artem Gerashchenko, Co-founder of mobile advertising service, AdtoApp, said he met and became acquainted with the fraudster, Olukade Kehinde Martins, who was posing as a white female, Angelina Crane, via one
of Russian social media sites.

Angelina told him she was an American currently residing in Nigeria and asked if he could be helping her financially by giving her $50 weekly because she was stranded. Gerashchenko, who immediately understood the fraudulent motive, decided to play along. He told Angelina that she was worth more than that and he’d be sending her $500 weekly instead.


Angelina happily agreed and sent her personal details, Name: olukade kehinde martins, Address: no 5 anjorin street, Zipcode: 23439, City: Ota, State: Ogun, Voter Card, all necessary for making the monetary transfer. This was when he told her that he was a dealer with Apple and had, coincidentally, to ship 200 iPhones to Lagos, all of which but one had been paid for by a local Apple store and wanted Angelina to help him take delivery of them when they get to Nigeria with a promise not to steal from it.

He promised her 2 of the phones if she could help with the payment for the only one yet to be paid for, explaining that it would be impossible to ship the whole batch of phones to Nigeria leaving one unpaid for. He eventually managed to persuade her to send him $600.

Once he received the money, he then lied to Angelina that he’s also a Nigerian scammer and used Google to get some Nigeria lingual. He later shared the story on his blog and released Kehinde’s identity to all major newspapers in Russia…… Kehinde has since written to Buhari to help him retrieve his money 4rm Gerashchenko through d Russian police force…..

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