Girl puts guy on blast after he called her ugly on Twitter.


The name “Moshood” haas been trending on Twitter since last night and many have been wondering why. Well it’s as a result of a tweet fight between one Uduak ( @Uduakisbae ) and Moshood ( @moshoodedewor ) Moshood had

been “setting P” with Uduak via DM for quite sometime now. Eulogizing her and all. But things later turned sour between them probably because Uduak didn’t fall for his antics and he openly called her ugly on Twitter.


This riled Uduak and she exposed all the erotic messages Moshood has ever sent her including tens of missed calls. She went as far as spilling about how Moshood’s brother is gay and threatened to release proofs if pushed any further. She says her reason for putting him on blast is that you can’t start calling a girl ugly now because your plan to get into her pants went wrong….. Moshood is now begging God to end d world now now now cuz d shame is darn too much…….

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