A day after his wedding, scorned sidechic puts Osi Umenyiora


A day after his wedding, scorned sidechic puts Osi Umenyiora. He is a currently unsigned NFL free agent and the younger brother of the billionaire owner of Dilly Motors and Eric Manny Records which singer, Runtown, is signed to. He married former

miss universe, Leila Lopes, yesterday and having his church wedding today


Now his sidechic who he still got in touch with just last week has opened and Instagram page ( @liesofmirrors ) to spill on their affairs. Here are some of her words: “I know Leila might see this. I blurred his number so you know it’s not fake. If it wasnt for the fact he asked me to fly away with him just last week, well I would say he’s ready to change; but I believe eventually he will get there.


I wish nothing but sincere happiness and love to you and Osi. He’s a man and things are to be expected but know his heart is good ❤️. Osi was constantly reminding me I was his. I love him very much. As he loves me. But he often felt I was sick and twisted for being able to move on after he got engaged.

He thought somehow I got enjoyment from knowing he loved me more than her; but nothing was enjoyable about it. His anger was misdirected at me. For not being an african woman. For not being able to have status high enough for us to be together. But my ability to still be happy for him was what taunted him most of all.


To still love him didn’t make me sick and twisted. It made me human. The weekend they attended Adewales wedding he wanted to downplay the engagement. Maybe because he knew I would see pictures of them together. He wanted to remind me I was the woman he was in love with.

And I was ok with that. I just wanted him to be happy. I was glad he found happiness. I believe love is the ultimate healer. But somehow his love for me made him mad. I often told Osi it was ok to love me fully; I know he needed me; as I needed him. It didn’t have to make him crazy. He chose to accept Leilas proposal because it was a better situation for him.
He didn’t have to question my value based upon the appraisal of what society thinks. I knew and still know his heart and I absolutely think marrying Leila was best for him. So I told him that’s what he should do.


The desire for men to have their cake and eat it too is often the demise of them. Osi still had me as friend. But somehow that wasn’t enough. Despite his engagement, he needed me to be more. I understood it because our love was and still is unmatched. But ladies know you deserve someone who will choose you over what looks better to others. Love is blind but it doesn’t have to be without direction. Know when to choose love and when to let it go

Trust me. I wanted to submit. I had fallen weak before. But often men will downplay their situation to get what they want. Ladies it’s ok to say no. To choose not to be hurt later for physical or emotional pleasure. I knew where he was heading and I knew why. Sometimes it is best to allow your head to be stronger than your heart or your physiology

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