Gov. Oshiomole’s mom and cousin reveal why they advised and allowed him to marry a foreigner


In an interview with Vanguard Newspaper, his mom said: “I supported him to marry a foreigner so that the relationship between my son and his children will remain cordial. Our Nigerian women will go and destroy the family just because they want property. That was
the main reason I supported him to marry a foreigner when he told me about it.

So I am happy about it. Besides, the new wife is a very good woman. She behaves like Comrades late wife. Very accommodating, understanding and hard working. And you know my son travels a lot as a governor. He needs a woman who understands his work and that is the kind of wife he married. She is just like Clara. Normally, people spend two years or less before they marry again but Comrade decided to wait for five years due to the love he had for his late wife.

And Clara was a good person, very lovely and nice to all of us.” The cousin of the governor and the raditional ruler of Iyamho community, HRH Bashiru Itameso, said: “I was happy seeing him remarry. I am happy because I never wanted him to marry a Nigerian because our people are wicked. I prefer it that he married a foreigner. If he had married a Nigerian, in-laws will come and start troubling him. They will start tearing themselves apart for materials things and that will create serious problem between Comrade and his children. We all supported him to marry a foreigner.”…… after reading d interview, Nigerian girls av vowed never to marry any Nigerian man again too, no matter how much they beg them……

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