Meet the South African church where pastor makes members go almost naked during prayers


Prophet Penuel is the senior pastor of End Times Disciples Ministries, Soshanguve, Gauteng, South Africa. He marches and seats on both male and female church members during prayers. According to their Facebook page, “End Times Disciples Ministries” here is what
happened during last Sunday’s service: “DEMONSTRATION- Increase of temperature. Sunday the weather was normal, sunny but not too hot.

The man of God Prophet Penuel called people in the congregation and commanded the temperature to increase on them, at first it seemed they could handle it, but He kept on increasing it and increasing it. It came to a stage where they couldn’t handle it, it was too hot for them. They tried taking their clothes off, they ran to the fan to get a little bit of air that they could get, they wanted water and another lady eventually fainted because off the heat.


After that the man of God, made the temperature to be normal again. When asking the people, what were they feeling, they said they felt so much heat, it was unbearable. Only God can do such. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!” Many more pictures are littered on their Facebook page…… 9ja boiz in South Africa av promised to fellowship wt them next Sunday jst to feel n share d heat wt one or two girls n nothing more……

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