How former BBA star, Huddah Monroe, lied to her fans


She is known for her jet-setting lifestyle and always bragging about not living off any aristo work. Few weeks ago, she was in Nigeria and was lodged in one of the most expensive hotels on Lagos Island. People kept questioning her motive for
taking the trip for no reason. Some insinuated that she was flown in by a sugar daddy. To dispel all rumor, she posted some pictures which she said she took at a private party at Banana Island, Lagos to show people that she was in Nigeria for a private party.


The warned that she would delete the picture shortly to keep things that happened at the party private. But the jury is now out on her. She was put on blast when people discovered that she stole those pictures from the Instagram page of a Nigerian who recently visited a strip club in Atlanta about 3 weeks ago and 2 weeks before Huddah even visited Nigeria. She is currently blocking anyone who dares call her out on her page…… while she is busy praying and waiting for d world to end right and save her 4rm d disgrace……

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