In Lagos, woman who has been pretending to be pregnant finally caught


She and her hubby were caught at a supermarket in Lekki yesterday using fake pregnancy to get sympathy from shoppers who often give them alms. Luck ran out of them when they approached a male shopper for financial help, claiming they had nothing to survive on. The
shopper then informed a female friend at the mall that he wasn’t convinced the woman was pregnant going by her looks, asking her to, as a fellow female, make a close observation of the pregnancy.

The couple were then asked to take as much foodstuff they wanted from the supermarket. Thinking it was their lucky day they went all out on the shopping spree and the woman used the opportunity to feel the pregnancy of the female beggar and as suspected, it was as fake as Nicki’s butt….. they helped her take delivery of the clothes stuffed inside n she thanked God for a safe delivery. She is now breastfeeding them in police net…..

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