OJB Jezreel ill again, as wife sources for funds — New Telegraph reports


Popular Nigerian music producer and artiste, OJB Jezreel Babatunde Okungbowa, who had a lifesaving kidney transplant last year, is in fresh health trouble as his kidney has collapsed again. After battling with post-surgery recuperation in the
last 8 months, Sunday Telegraph learnt that OJB was rushed to one of the prominent general hospitals in Lagos for treatment 5 weeks ago.

On arrival at the hospital, doctors diagnosed acute renal failure and he was swiftly admitted. They insisted that he must undergo at least 5 dialysis of his failed kidney before they could ascertain the next line of action. They were aghast at the sudden relapse despite last year’s successful kidney transplant. They chided him for not going back to India for post-surgery check-ups as specified by the team of Indian doctors in the medical report given to him.
He opened up to the doctors on his poor financial state, saying that this had prevented him from making at least 2 check-up visits to India since the transplant. It was learnt that his financial state had become so bad that his family had been struggling to buy vital prescribed drugs. It was so bad that, the prescribed 5 dialysis had to be delayed for several days while his family members led by his first wife, Mrs. Mabel Okungbowa, who donated one of her kidneys to him, raised the needed funds for the dialysis.

While the delay was on, his illness entered the urea level, which forced him to be saying things that were not comprehensible. As of the 26th of April, he was left with 3 more dialysis sessions to go. He is also down with acute diabetes caused by one of the drugs he has been placed on for over one year. On his own, he had given strict instructions that nobody should go cap in hand publicly to source funds for his treatment as it was done last year. For OJB to stand on his feet again, there is the urgent need for Nigerians to come to his aid again, despite his refusal to make a fresh public plea for help…… we wish him a total recovery……

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