How Holy Spirit allegedly helped Flavor’s, prospective 2nd babymama


Anna Ebiere reported it thus: “This might not mean anything to you, but it means the world to me. I got a new sofa n a separate sofa cover from a furniture store. I said to myself, this should be easy to fix. So I got home n was trying to figure out how to
fix this sofa cover. I tried for over 30mins but it wasn’t working. Now in my head again ( damn this stuff is hard oo) So I decided to take a break. OMG it was so frustrating.

Earlier today, I tried again but it didn’t work. I began to think if it was the company’s fault or it was not just the right sofa cover. I stood still n confused for mins staring at this sofa. I was already getting irritated. Few mins later, I was talking to my friend on the phone n I told him about the sofa story, den he started laughing and asked if I needed he’s assistance. I said no and asked myself why I couldn’t figure this stuff out. So I started off again (I love challenging things but this one pass me).

I tried n tried but this stuff was just impossible!! Suddenly a voice said to me, you can’t do this on your own! You need help! The next thing that came out of my mouth was “Holy spirit I need you! Please help me! Give me the wisdom to fix this challenge” It was like MAGIC!! . Within 3mins or less, HE helped me figure it out!!! I was so surprised and happy!! My point exactly is, the HOLY SPIRIT is always with us in times of nee. If we don’t ask for assistance, HE won’t help!

But wen u humble yourself and say please I need YOU! trust me, HE’ll do everything to perfection! I don’t know what your going through in your life right, but all I can say is humble yourself and ask for assistance from the HOLY SPIRIT! HE is dying to help you but you’ve not said the right words. HE doesn’t want to see you suffer or struggle!

Ask for HES assistance today n ur lives will never remain the same. My story might not be super marvelous to u, but yours might turn out to be a huge testimony. Just ask!.”….. unfortunately Anna, we need an empirical evidence to show dt d voice u heard was dt of d Holy Spirit n not dt of Flavor whispering “Oyorima” to ur ears…..

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