This is the moment immigration officials discovered a boy hidden in a suitcase


Customs officials in Spain were shocked when they scanned a small item of luggage and found a young boy, Abuo, hidden inside. The luggage belonged to a 19-year-old woman who police became suspicious of after noticing she was becoming nervous. They pulled her
to one side and, believing she may have been smuggling drugs, scanned her luggage only to find something much more shocking.


An outline of a young boy was clearly seen and officers immediately opened the bad and pulled out an 8-year-old boy. The boy stuck his head out of the suitcase and said, in French, “Baby hello.”….. Comment tu t’appelle? Je m’appelle Abou. Mind dancing avec moi. I know say you like Logomba. Oya dance am like Awilo Logomba…..


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