Eze Ndigbo of Australia has been jailed for running drug and crime syndicate


Chief Maximu Osuamadi, a well respected Nigerian business man who is also the Eze Ndigbo of Australia, was the brain behind some high profile crimes and running a drug cartel syndicate which operates between Nigeria, China, Brazil and other Asia countries. The Chief was
deeply involved in local issues in western Sydney, meeting local politicians such as former premier Morris Iemma and senior police officers.

But in reality he was the boss of a West African crime syndicate which some police likened to the black Mafia of Sydney. Born in Nigeria, Maximus, 49, was raised in the Vatican where he was studying to become a priest before dropping out. It is known to investigators that members of the syndicate and the accused are involved in the supply of methamphetamine and have access to false identification and passports.


He was sentenced to 6 years in jail. When arrested at his Granville home, he remained indignant. He said: “Everybody in Granville knows me, the police there and the local politicians. I am an identity. I am Chief of the Igbo (Nigerian) community and people call me Chief Maximus. I don’t know if you know about the African tradition of royalty. We trace our royalty back to the Queen Sheeba of Israel.”….. If I should shout “Igbo Kwenu” now, you will hear everyone screaming “Igbo Kwezonu” up and down as if someone is demanding for their 2 kidneys, he added…….

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