For stoning Venezuelan President with a ripe mango, woman gets a house


President Nicolas Maduro was driving a bus through a crowd in Aragua when someone in the crowd bashed him on the head with a mango. He retained it and on it was an inscription: “If you can, call me.” She wrote her name and phone number on it too. While
displaying the mango on television last week, Nicolas, a former bus driver, said: “Marleny Olivo had a problem with her house.

Officials called her. She was scared. She couldn’t believe it was true. I’ve approved an apartment for you, Marleny, as part of the ‘Grand Venezuelan Housing Mission’.” He vowed to eat the mango….. and encourages Nigerians to embrace ds polite method of demanding stuffs from their governors n president instead of being “keypad warriors” n “social media gangsters”…..

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