Outrage in Adamawa State after Gov. Bala spent N590M on 4 Cars and sacked DG for questioning him


Bala Ngilari bought 2 Lexus SUVs for N180m ($900,000) and 2 Hilux pickup vans at N400m and it has triggered outrage from members of the state House of Assembly. Yesterday, the members passed a resolution calling on EFCC to probe the
purchases. The House, now split into factions, called on the state government to re-instate the sacked DG of the state Public Procurement Bureau, Malam Bello Umar, who was sacked for querying the purchase and for not following due process. .

Deputy Speaker, Kwamoti Laori, also claimed the Lexus cars were used ones. While a used Lexus armored car can go for about $120,000, a new one usually sells for less than $200,000 and not $450,000…… pls don’t lets judge him since we r not God n it’s not our fathers money…..

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