Wife of Asari Dokubo feels it’s wrong for Buhari to probe Petroleum Minister


Some hours after Buhari said he will investigate the missing $20b, wife of Niger Delta militant, Asari Dokubo, Hajia Mujahidat Daba Dokubo-Asari, took to her Facebook page to frown at the move. Yesterday, while receiving a delegation of party supporters and
newly elected officials on the platform of APC from Adamawa State at his campaign office in Abuja, Buhari said: “On the issue of corruption, I heard that some people have started returning money.


I will not believe it until I go and see for myself. You all know what the Emir of Kano talked about when he was the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. He said $20 billion, not Naira, was unaccounted for; they said it was a lie. Instead of investigating it, they sacked him. And God in his infinite mercy made him the Emir of Kano. In any case, that is what he wanted. And since this was documented, the new administration will take a look at it.”…… some Nigeria say she shld instead pity her left hand n stop forcing it to wear bangles heavier than d yoke of sin……

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