Estranged husband of Joseph Yobo’s mother-in-law said she is a bisexual who tried to kill him.



After his ex-wife, Abigail, accused him of sleeping with a maid, John Fashanu, in an exclusive interview said: “She attempted to use knives on me. It was terrifying. My life was at stake, there’s no two ways about that. Even if you did think I was
sleeping with the maid, or even if you thought I was sleeping with Miss Nigeria, don’t kill me! Just leave me and go.

The violence was just too much. My life was at risk and I didn’t want it to happen again. That’s why I filed for divorce. I’ve been very fortunate to date some of the most beautiful women in the world. I certainly don’t have to sleep with my cleaner! This is me, John Fashanu, you’re talking to. It’s absolute nonsense. If she wants to make up that story, at least let her say it’s Beyoncé or someone.

Don’t say it’s my cleaner, that’s just b******s. It’s not true at all. The truth is she’s been cheating on me with a woman she calls her spiritual partner. I caught them in the bed many times. That was why I kicked her out of my house. I’m the one who is filing for divorce. With Abigail it was just money, money, money. I’ve never seen a woman who has such an appetite for money.

Nearly N1m was stolen from my house in Abuja. There are police reports you can see. There were so many assaults, it was just getting too much. It was absolutely ridiculous. She attacked me on multiple occasions. The whole situation was far too hot for me. There are some wonderful, wonderful women. It’s just that I met the wrong one. I filed the divorce petition in September and it’s listed for mention on the 19th of May at the court in Abuja.”…. JayZ is said to b unhappy dt Beyoncé’s name was brought up in d issue…

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