After already giving birth to 13 children, 65-year-old teacher set to be oldest mother of quadruplets.


The latest 21-week old pregnancy of Ms Annegret Raunigk, a German, was the result of artificial insemination using both donated sperm and eggs. Her gynecologist initially mentioned the possibility of an abortion. But
she decided to have the babies as she was ‘still quite fit’ and capable of looking after them.


Ms Raunigk, previously made headlines in Germany when she had her daughter Leila at the age of 55. Her 13 children, the oldest of whom is 44, are by 5 different fathers. She defended her decisions to get pregnant later in life, saying: “I think one needs to decide for oneself and not listen too much to the opinions of others.”….. She is planning to av a set of sextuplets after ds…..

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