Over Attempted Poll Disruption, Wikipedia Updates Orubebe’s Profile


Earlier today, Elder Peter Orubebe, a PDP agent at the announcement of the presidential election in Abuja, had called for the stoppage of the presentation of the results. Shouting on top of his voice like a Christmas goat, Orubebe, a former Minister of
the Niger Delta Affairs, alleged that INEC Chairman, Prof. Jega, had taken side with APC.

Orubebe was shouting: “You sent a committee to Rivers to probe what happened there. We submitted petitions to you about Kano, Jigawa, Katsina but you have not done anything about our complaints. You cannot continue with these results; we will not take it.” .

As Jega tried to calm him down, asking to be given a chance to respond, Orubebe shouted, “Mr. Jega, You cannot continue, go to your office. You are partial. We don’t have any confidence in you. We will not allow this. You cannot continue. You must stop the results.”….. his children av vowed to disown him shld GEJ eventually wins…….


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