How absence of police report led to the death of Silverbird TV staff, Aisha Mustapha


More details have emerged about the gruesome death of Aisha. According to eyewitness reports, the murder was committed by a neighbor, a married man she
reportedly got pregnant for. And it was as a result of a heated argument they had after she told him she would tell his wife about the pregnancy.

This got the man angry and struggle ensued. Moments later, she ran out of the house with scars all over her body, and while running she fell into the gutter. She was found by neighbors and was still breathing. She was then rushed to a specialist hospital along Ogudu road and then to the General Hospital in Gbagada, but no one would admit her without a police report.


Left with no choice, the neighbors took her to the police station where she eventually gave up the ghost. The murder weapon, a bloodied knife, was reportedly seen but later got missing. The suspect is currently being held at the Area ‘F’ police station in the estate….. ppl r now clamoring for a total ban of hospitals until they start treating emergencies like ds without police report……

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