Healthy patient forcibly dragged out of hospital after refusing to leave for 3 YEARS


A court in Beijing ordered that Chen, 55, be removed. But when police turned up at the hospital on Tuesday afternoon, they discovered that he had chained himself to the bed railings. They were then forced to
cut the locks and remove him. Mr Chen was first admitted to the Beijing Jingmei Group Hospital in August 2011 to receive treatment for injuries sustained in a road accident. But 2 months later, he returned complaining of pains in his left leg.


Again doctors treated him and 3 months later, they said he was ready to go home. But Mr Chen refused and said he was still feeling pains. He said it was the hospital’s responsibility to take care of him and refused to leave, even missing his son’s wedding. The hospital stopped providing him with treatment in July 2012, after he was unable to pay any of his medical bills and tests showed he was healthy, even though he disputed this and used the locks to chain himself to his bed…… maybe he is jst addicted to being sick. we av ppl like dt too in 9ja……

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