Meet the woman who hasn’t smiled for 40 years.


Tess isn’t devoid of humor, but for nearly 40 years she has made a conscious decision not to laugh or smile because not smiling is a crucial way to keeping her youthful looks. “I don’t have wrinkles because I have
trained myself to control my facial muscles. Everyone asks if I’ve had Botox, but I haven’t, and I know that it’s thanks to the fact I haven’t laughed or smiled since I was a teenager.

My dedication has paid off, I don’t have a single line on my face. Yes, I am vain and want to remain youthful. My strategy is more natural than Botox and more effective than any expensive beauty cream or facial,” she said.

Kim Kardashian has also once admitted trying not to smile ‘because it causes wrinkles’….. Tess has also been avoiding Nigerian comedian, basketmouth, since cuz she knows dt dude can make even d dead laugh compulsorily……

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