“Please forgive me. I wasn’t in my right senses” — 33-year-old drunk who raped an 11-year-old girl pleads


Okoro Austin, 31, who was arrested by Oyo State Police Command for raping an 11-year-old girl on November 30, 2014 at about 9p.m after
returning from a cultural ceremony he attended, has claimed that he was not in his right senses when committing the act because he was drunk.

He dragged the girl to his room forcefully as he staggered, used a piece of cloth to cover her mouth and raped her. Medical report indicated that the girl’s hymen had been broken as a result of the act while doctors battled to stop the bleeding to save her life.

Austin said: “I am surprised to find myself in this situation because I have never raped anyone in my life. Prior to that day, I had stopped taking alcoholic drinks because it was not helpful to me. On my way home from the event I attended, I met one of my friends who called me and offered me a cup of beer.

Initially, I told him I was off drinking alcohol but he said I should not disgrace him by rejecting his offer so I took the beer and drank. At the end of the day, I took five bottles of beer. As I was entering the compound of my residence, I saw the girl and asked her to follow me.

Once in my room, I removed my shirt and when I saw that she didn’t make any move to leave, I started fondling her. I removed her pants after she raised her clothes up. As a man, coupled with the mood I was in, I had sex with her. I didn’t force her or hold her down as is being said. She did not resist me.

Immediately I ejaculated, withdrew and saw blood gushing out, I stood up, frightened. I have not even deflowered any girl before in my life. I usually avoid having sex with virgins. There was a lady I was dating and when she told me she was a virgin, I sent her away. If I knew I was guilty, there was ample opportunity for me to have run away.

I was not in my right senses. If you speak with my pastor, he will tell you that I used to preach to people. I don’t like too much sex. Even my ex-girlfriend will tell you that I ended my relationship with her when she wanted to kill me with sex.”….. Awww, he sounds so so sober and believable. He’ll surely get pardoned….

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