Another housemaid plans with robbers to rob her boss


Barely one week after a housemaid abducted the 2 children of her boss in Magodo, Lagos, another maid has invited robbers to rob her boss in the same estate. The housemaid, Mary, connived with

Ikong Daniel, 22, her lover, and Pius Dennis, 20, to rob her boss, a few days after she was employed.

Daniel said: “It was my girlfriend, Mary, that perfected the plan to rob her madam. She recently started work there and invited us to the house. When we got there, she said we should come inside that we have an assignment to carry out.


She took us inside to her madam’s bedroom and asked us to hold the woman that there was money in the house. It was Mary that also brought the knife we used to frighten the woman during the operation. I assisted her to hold the woman, while she parked her money, gold Jewelry and other valuables.

She promised to share with us whatsoever we made from the operation. As we were making our way out, members of a vigilance group came after us and arrested us, but Mary escaped.”….. They might b released cuz they are active members of the beard gang and they av 6 packs. As of d time of filing in ds report, Marry is said to be at an undisclosed location planning to send them their own share of d loot as promised….

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