Boy accused of having sex with his stepmom in her dream, loses both hands after being burnt

A 13-year-old boy, Ovey Friday, has lost his hands after his stepmother took him to a native doctor and coals of fire were heaped on his tied hands after he was accused of being a wizard.

The stepmother had accused him of making love to her in her dream, an allegation the boy denied. .

However, the last said she needed him to confess and also wanted to get the spirit out of Ovey. She then took him to her native doctor in Wulko, Nasarawa State, where hot coals were placed on his tied hands. .

The incident led to a permanent deformity of his right hand while the left hand was amputated at an Abuja hospital yesterday November 14th.

According to the spokesperson of the Nasarawa state Ministry of Youths, Eche Amos, the suspects have been arrested by the Police and will soon be charged to court for ”culpable homicide.

Ovey’s biological mother is late and his father, Friday Dio, who is a bike rider based in Lagos, is yet to surface since this incident happened. Efforts are underway to fix a prosthetic hand for him.

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