Adedoja bags 3 live sentences plus 76yrs for raping a girl

A month after being found guilty of the rape and sodomy of a 13-year-old girl, Adedoja has been sentenced to three consecutive life sentences plus an additional 76 years in Douglas County, Georgia, U.S

Fox5Atlanta reports that Adedoja was convicted on 12 charges including rape, aggravated sodomy, aggravated sexual battery, two counts of child molestation, two counts of aggravated child molestation, false imprisonment, aggravated assault, terroristic threats.

Prosecutors revealed how he spotted the victim, chased her into the woods, punched and beat her, threw her to the ground before raping and sodomizing her. .

According to Fox5Atlanta, the defense asked the court, asking for mercy and to allow Adedoja to return to his native Nigeria, a request the judge denied. .

Judge Adams said, “mercy is not mine to give you. I’m not the one you should be asking for mercy from.” .

“This man is a predator in every sense of the word, and the only way I know to guarantee that he doesn’t rape another child is to make sure he is never outside of prison again,” Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney Samantha J. Newman told the court during the sentencing hearing. .

“He deserves the sentence he received, and the victim deserves to know that Bah will never, ever, hurt her or anyone else again. Because of this victim’s strength and bravery in testifying, she has ensured the Defendant won’t be able to prey on another woman or child again,” Newman added. 📷: Fox5Atlanta

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