GEJ’s 2nd term bid was a fatal error, Buhari is the greatest politician in the north – Doyin Okupe

The former aide to GEJ made the revelation in a post on his Facebook page over the weekend. His words: “The argument that because the party is weak in the north if the chairman is zoned to the North it will strengthen the party in that zone is a puerile argument. 

It is not supported by fact or history. Presently and for sometime to come Gen. Buhari is the most popular Northern politician and leader alive. He stands and will likely stand shoulders taller than any politician in APC or pdp in that region. Let anybody mention the name of ONE northern that Buhari’s present status will not dwarf.

This is neither unique or peculiar. When Awolowo was alive, there were great politicians in the West, but he was if such stature that if the ruling party then appointed one national chairman per state in the west it would have amounted to no political strength or gain whatsoever. 

It was this type of sentiment that led to the zoning of the chairman of the NPN to chief Adisa Akinloye, no doubt a political Juggernaut, but still could not produce the desired result

It is for the same reason that the fact that Alhaji Adamu Muazu, a northerner, and a two time governor of Bauchi state, could not help the fortune of the pdp in the north or even his state Bauchi.

What we need to strengthen the pdp in the north is, excellent and stellar performance of pdp governors in the north and the south, diligent and committed efforts by local party leadership and passionate and courageoud; genuine and dutiful; engagement, of party the leadership of the party at all levels with the grassroots in the zone.

In retrospect it is regretful that based on the expedience circumstances of incumbency, we committed a politically fatal error of robbing the north of their turn to have the Presidency in 2015, and we paid dearly for it. The party once again on the verge if making a similar error by robbing the southwest of its first chance of producing the National chairman after 18 years, and after all the other 5 zones have enjoyed that opportunity.”…. GEJ is still our HERO tho…

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