Two Nigerians arrested for duping court secretary and threatening her with judicial enquiry


In India, Casmir Chitioke and Oliver Onyeka who claimed to be from a well-to-do family, duped the secretary of a serving Bombay High Court judge of Rs 2.2 lakh by befriending her on Facebook and eventually threatening her with a judicial enquiry.

One of them had befriended the woman pretending to be a UK national. Over a period of time, they became good friends and would chat almost daily. He later told her he was sending her a gift from the UK. A few days after this conversation, the woman received a call from the Delhi customs, stating there was a gift being parceled to her place and she would need to pay some handling fee.

She paid the amount but over the next few weeks, she kept receiving demands for more money under various pretexts to facilitate the transportation of the gift. Finally suspecting something amiss, she refused to pay the customs official anymore.

At this point, the callers, who knew she worked as a secretary to a judge, threatened her that if she did not make the payment, they would approach the judiciary and a judicial enquiry would be initiated against her.

Scared, she made another payment before approaching the cyber police station on April 6. The matter was probed and based on technical intelligence, the police found that the British national was actually chatting from New Delhi…. but his “innit” English is impeccable….

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