30-year-old African man posing as 17-year-old basketball player in Canada, arrested


Jonathan Nicola, who is on a basketball scholarship in Canada and a star center for a Canadian high school basketball team was exposed as a 30-year-old African refugee, leading to his being detained in connection with the Immigration Refugee Protection Act.

The 6-foot-9, 202-pounder South Sudanese native spent the previous months during the academic year living with Central Catholic basketball coach Pete Cusumano as part of the Canada Homestay program while he lived in the country on a student visa.

That visa is now likely to be terminated. The Canada Border Services Agency has obtained evidence that purports to show he is actually 30-years-old, making him a full 12 years older than the eldest competitors on most of the teams he has faced off against during the 2015-16 season…. coincidentally, Kiss Daniel is his favorite artiste….

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