Tundeednut’s accuser exposed as a serial blackmailer!


She has been doing this for long, based on information at our disposal. A past victim @cockygent, just reached out with proofs of her shenanigans. Here is his narrative: “This girl that called Tundeednut out is an attention seeker. She did the same to me. I can send you our chat.

She’s fake. She put up a dick and said I sent it to her. Am sure Tunde didn’t discuss sex with this whore. This girl discussed another thing with Tunde. And she put something else. Ok can I send you the chat I had with this girl ? And what she put on her page to shame me? 

The girl needs attention and that’s what you are giving her. She had a chat with a friend and showed the friend a guy’s dick. She didn’t know that that same girl is my friend. So she now said on her page that I was asking her for sex. The friend told me and then I sent her our chats. 

I want you to understand that this girl is a scam. She wants to be popular. And that’s all she does. Chat men. Get them talking dirty with her and then block them. As she has blocked me now. I swear on my future. Let me die if I sent her any dick. Let my future not shine. This girl is just doing all this to be popular. I kept quiet since but now I had to speak because Tunde fell a victim too.” 

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