Man says he raped 12-year-old girl because his girlfriend hadn’t visited for a month


Nurudeen Owolabi, a 30-year-old scrap collector, was arrested after raping the girl in his apartment on Alhaji Yinu Street, Bariga, Lagos, on Thursday. The girl is the younger sister of Nuru’s ex-girlfriend. He gave her N200 and warned her not to tell anybody.

The girl’s mother however noticed that her pants were wet and after much prodding, she opened up. Nuru was arrested and taken to the Bariga Police Station from where he was transferred to the Gender Office, Lagos State Police Command Headquarters, Ikeja. 

The victim was also taken to the Mirabel Centre at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, where a series of tests were conducted on her. The results reportedly showed that her hymen had been broken. The girl who is in primary 5, said:

“I went to buy rice and I passed through Brother Nuru’s house. He called me and dragged me inside his room. He removed my gown and my pants and raped me. He begged me not to tell anybody. I did not tell my mother because I was afraid she would beat me.”

While explaining why he raped the girl, Nuru said, “I had a girlfriend on my street, who is about 21 years old, and anytime she came to my apartment, I would sleep with her and pay her N500. But for about a month, she didn’t come. I saw her (the victim) passing by that Thursday and I called her to come in.

I had sex with her. I then gave her N200. Later, her mother barged into my house on Saturday and started crying that I wanted to destroy her daughter’s life. It wasn’t my fault; the devil made me do it.” Cc: Punchng 

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