“Bedbugs are about to finish us,” Unilag’s COMPSSA cries out after being defeated by bugs


According to one Silvofitz, students under the aegis of the College of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences Students’ Association ( COMPSSA ), have fought in vain to end the nightmare of bedbugs in their hostels. They make arrangement for fumigation, at least, twice a session, but nothing has changed. 

The bugs hang on anything in the room, waiting for students to lie down. They then swoop in to suck their blood. Students allegedly now have to cross-check to ensure they don’t carry bedbugs to clinics/wards during clinical postings. Atimes, you see students helping themselves to pick bedbugs from their wardcoats.

Blood stains have reportedly taken over the walls of the rooms in the medical hostel. Now, they want the Provost of the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos to declare a state of emergency on the bedbugs and put a permanent end to their proliferation.

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