With 3 days to his wedding, drunk policeman kills groom


Sam Belonwu Dim, a Lagos-based busi­nessman, was killed by a drunk police sergeant on Sunday, December 27, at Uruagu Nnewi, Anambra State during the traditional wedding of the daughter of the in-law of his friend and
business associate, Eloka.

Sam was killed 3 days to his church wedding, which would have been held last Wednesday, December 30, 2015. His father, Chief Lazarus Dim, said that Sam’s best man, Martin Afusi, and other friends who came all the way from Ghana had arrived Sam’s home only to be told that he was dead.

He said, Sam attended the event with another friend, Sunday Oguego. On arrival, Eloka received them and as Sam was about to sit down under a canopy set up outside for guests, a mobile police sergeant just pointed his gun at Sam and shot him.

The bullet went through his heart and exited from the back. As the bullet exited through Sam’s back, it hurt another person, who miraculously survived, and was said to have responded to treatment in a hospital.

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