After doing secret trad wedding, Senator Hope Uzodinma’s plan to marry 2nd wife in church crashes


On the 3rd of January, 2015, Sen. Hope Uzodinma, married a 25-year-old lady in a secret traditional marriage at Owerri. But his first wife, Mrs Augusta Uzodinma, who hitherto was said to be dead has now come out to
raise an alarm over his plan to get married to the woman in Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Maitama, Abuja.

She asked the Church and all concerned in the new marriage arrangement to indefinitely call off the plans, stressing that she is still legally married to him. She said she was legitimately married to Hope and has consummated their union both in court and in the Catholic Church.

She said they got married when Hope had nothing and have had 5 children together, until 1996 when he asked her to go back to her parents that he was going to travel down to have some issues cleared with them.


Her words: ““At a point, I discovered that he began to behave strangely towards me, and I asked him severally in private why he became changed all of a sudden, he said he was still the person I used to know, that there was no problem.

Then I learnt to keep my peace, only for my husband to accuse me of changing, saying the thought of seeing me around him was a threat to his life. I was confused because I Knew I loved him with all my heart and could not have become a different person to him after several years of marriage that produced 5 kids.

But he insisted that I left and, out of fear for my own life, I had to leave. I have been waiting all this while for him to come to my family so we can settle our differences for me to go back to my marital home but he never did, and we have not divorced.

He has kept our 5 children and prevented them from seeing me all this while and told them I am late while I am alive. I still love him till tomorrow. How can the same Catholic Church, which I know abhors polygamy to the latter, wed him and another woman when our marriage is still valid?”…. Madam Augusta, all hope is not lost. Let’s hope Hope rethinks ds issue……

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