So can I say you’re senseless? Fan asks after Mercy reveals that her husband has taken her senses


Today makes it 4 years since Mercy Johnson got married to Prince Okojie. To celebrate it she shared this lovely and revealing anniversary message thus: “Lord, wherever my sense of reasoning is, please don’t ever let me have
it cause love, passion and happiness were nothing but words, these words got value since I met you ( Odi ). I was made from ur love. I was alive but now am living.


I forget my face in the mirror but I can’t forget urs. We are not perfect but we are happy and that’s all that matters. I love you sexiest and thank you for taking my senses cus I am glad to be madly in love with you. HWA.” A curious fan however asked whether its safe to say she is now senseless but the actress has remained silent…… and if we’re to go by d old rule of asking a girl out, silence means yes…..

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