It’s a goal!!! Love wins again as gay man proposes to boyfriend in church as congregants applaud

During a church service at their local Methodist Church, Trevor Harper, 36, proposed to boyfriend, Davis Covin, 30. He went on bended knees and popped the question. Davis said yes as they received a
standing ovation from the church members. Trevor and Davis, who both live in Austin, Texas started dating in 2006.


They’ve been active members of the First United Methodist Church of Austin since 2013. Harper began planning the proposal a few months ago with the help of his pastor, Reverend John Wright. He said they thought it was an especially good idea because although Mr Harper and Mr Covin would love to get married in their church, they aren’t allowed.


The United Methodist Church forbids same-sex ceremonies from being conducted in Methodist churches or by Methodist ministers so Rev Wright believed the proposal would be an awesome way to honor their relationship. The lovers hope that when they do eventually get married in 2016, they will be permitted to do so in their church….. may God bless their union in advance. I kno my notifications won’t rest wt numerous amens now. *sighs*…..


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