I no go gree: More details emerge as Toyin heads to court for divorce


The greatest divorce saga in the nation’s history might be at hand just like the second coming of Jesus Christ, if information filtering out from the camp of the Nollywood actress is anything to go by. According to blogger Stella, while
Toyin’s husband was busy on Instagram looking for people to help him beg her, Toyin was already putting finishing touches to the divorce lawsuit she is about to file on the grounds of infidelity.

She allegedly caught Niyi with one of her staff whom he had been professing undying love for. The staff being prepared for pounding by Niyi was said to have had enough of his randy antics and went to confess to Toyin.

She showed her enough evidence to nail Niyi and the back of the camel unfortunately got broken by this hideous last straw. Toyin thanked her by sacking her and ceteris paribus, the divorce proceedings will commence soon…. unless president Buhari steps in…..

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