Indonesia Muslim Council wants God to change his name


Today an Indonesian Council of Muslim Scholars has called on a man named “Tuhan” or God in English to change his name or have his access to public services denied. An I.D card belonging to the 42-year-old carpenter was
widely shared on the internet last week, with a caption: “God does exist.”

The Chief of the council, Bukhori Abdussomad, urged Tuhan to change his name or at least add another name before or after it to avoid misinterpretation. He gave the example of the name of “Ghofur,” which means “God, the merciful”, but is typically preceded by the name “Abdul,” making it mean “follower of God, the merciful.”

He urged authorities to suspend Tuhan’s identity card and halt social services for him until he changes his name…… trust ppl na, they’ve already stopped saying Oh My God ( OMG ). Now they say Oh My Tuhan ( OMT )……

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