4-month-old baby eaten up by her mother’s dog in Delta State


According to Leadership Newpaper, the tragedy happened at Asaba on Friday. Maureen Akowe, a 37-year-old Delta State University graduate of sociology and a full time housewife lost her baby, Chinonso, to her dog. Chinonso was driven in
Maureen’s car alongside the dog to a popular supermarket along Okpanam Road, Asaba, where she had gone for shopping.

She left her, a nanny and the dog inside the car. She wound down the window to allow ventilation into the car before moving into the supermarket. But while she was busy shopping, the dog allegedly attacked Chinonso while the nanny screamed for help all to no avail. The shouts by the nanny attracted two security personnel at the supermarket to the car but by which time Chinonso had been bitten severally on the stomach.

The dog had gone wild and was barking menacingly to scare onlooker by the time Maureen got wind of the development and rushed to the scene. Chinonso later died on her way to the hospital. The Nanny later said: “Madam carry the dog and baby and asked us to stay inside the car, because the dog was to be treated at the veterinary, suddenly I saw the dog moving closer to the baby and I shouted for help when the dog opened its teeth and I ran out of the car to call madam but she did not come on time.”

Maureen has been married for 3 years without a baby before being bless with Chinonso. Her husband, amidst tears, said: “my wife said it is the devil’s work and the devil’s work will take her out of my house, I have warned her about the dog when I notice that the dog had been behaving funny. She still kept carrying the dog claiming that she was going to give treatment to it. This is how the devil has ruined her.”…. R.I.P little Chinonso……

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