28-year-old Ugandan singer finally marries his 68-year-old fiancée.


Ugandan Leone Island singer, Guvnor Ace, born Ronald Ssemawere, surprised many when he posted photos of his soon-to-be wife, Mona Lisa Larsson, on social media. His romance with the woman has been a subject of debate on

online platforms. Since he introduce her as his lover, he has often come under sharp criticism which he often ignores. To prove his critics that his love for her is not a passing wind, he composed 2 songs in her honor

He titled them Mona Lisa and Mukadde. In the hit ‘Mukadde’ Guvnor Ace reveals that the elderly woman is the love of his life and he doesn’t care about other people’s views. “The one you call elderly, I discovered secrets in her and gives me love to the fullest,” sings Guvnor Ace….. some women can do anything for money. Mona Lisa certainly married cuz of Guvnor’s money n to gt Ugandan citizenship……


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