Buhari’s integrity caused it. APC says, as power generation hits 5000MW


Before the Pres. Buhari came in, power generation was between 3,000MW and 3,500MW. But in the past two months, it has continued to stay above 4,500MW. At the 2015 Electricity Market Summit in Abuja yesterday, the
spokesperson for the APC, Mr. Lai Mohammed, said “I say it anywhere I go that even though we have not added one single megawatt to power, there has been improvement.

My colleagues in the PDP will say no; that’s not true. But I maintain that this improvement is as a result of the kind of integrity that Pres. Buhari has brought to leadership. Also, there has been a reduction in the cases of gas pipelines vandalism.

Furthermore, the Transmission Company of Nigeria, which used to have about 22 systemic power failures often times, now records about 6 or 7. So, what we have today is that we have a leadership that is inspiring Nigerians and making them to believe again in their country. We have a leadership that is promising to reward merit.”…… making power stable is good bt nt at d expense of making all our power generators spoil due to lack of use abeg…….

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