Buhari suspends immigration boss


Today, the comptroller general of Nigeria Immigration Service, David Parradang. He was asked to immediately proceed on suspension. No one knows why but there may be two things involved. One could be the
fact that the Immigration Service under his leadership sparked national outrage last year after nearly 20 job applicants died in a stampede during an Immigration recruitment test.

Ahead of the examinations, an agent commissioned by the Ministry of Interior, extorted N1000 from each of over 700,000 applicants. Despite raising nearly a N1bn, logistics for the exercise were poor, resulting in the deaths.

It could also be the fact that just this week, wanted Lebanese terrorist and radical cleric, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Assir got a Nigerian visa with a fake Palestinian passport. He was arrested on his way to Nigeria….. it’s either of those aforementioned reasons so pls don’t mind those saying it’s cuz of his teeth. They’re ignorant…..

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