Great news: U.S presidential aspirant says there’d be no more automatic citizenship for people born in the US if he becomes president


On Sunday, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump said Sunday he would overturn a law that grants citizenship to people born in the U.S. He said he’d also put stricter limits on legal immigration, offering his
most detailed account yet of how he would handle a policy issue that has become a cornerstone of his campaign.

Trump, who has repeatedly been pressed for specifics on his immigration plan since the issue rocketed him to the top of the polls, also explained for the first time how he will force Mexico to pay for a wall on its border with the U.S. .

The proposal could help Trump swat away naysayers who charge that he is not a serious candidate. It also gives Trump an opportunity to burnish his conservative credentials, particularly as he is coming under more heavy fire from conservative influencers….. ds is lovely. At least we’ll stop hearing news of ppl borrowing money to go to d U.S. to give birth…..

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