Here is the thought provoking post that led to the historic battle that almost shutdown Instagram some hours ago


“Dear beautiful ladies out there, this is the season we all av to know life is not all about being light skinned, having big ass, big titties, showing all the makeup faces we av just to prove to this guys u got it. I just want to share my observation using
Instagram as an example.


A lot of this Lagos/Island big boys are getting married/having serious relationships e.g Ferranuvo, ipreachmoney, presidentifeoluwa, 3aryho and guess what? Non of there wives got curves or av all that epitome of beauty (this is not an insult to any of them )

But d similarities I saw in them is non of them is all this Instagram celebrity, they don’t have much followers, they don’t smoke, they are unique ladies, they aren’t all them “them must take” or “i gat to belong” ladies and they are all happy.

So my question is to u that gave them free pussy, to u that fell for many of this Lagos boys cos of chains, to u that is all about the pocket? How do u guys feel seeing them marrying someone that is not a club girl, someone that’s struggling to make it in life, someone that isn’t smoking weed to show how gangsta they are, someone that doesn’t av to show her boobs to make her attractive, someone that nobody can say ” oh that girl i don fvck am before” cuz as a lady I know a lot of u will be pained and end up opening fake pages to diss them but is it there fault? .

Why were u so cheap? Why did u sell ur dignity just so pple can think u are with a so called big boy. Yes I know life is too short, u have to enjoy but selling ur pssy isn’t enjoying, going all the way to Dubai and co to get laid and get paid isn’t enjoying life. .

Sit down and think about it, think about when u finally get married and start having kids. Can u sincerely share this kind of experience with them? Of cause no, so why don’t u turn a new leaf today and make everyone around u proud? I pray God lead everyone through d right part of life and answer all our secret prayers.” 87n17 shared it and all hell was let loose as captured in the picture….. bt Jesus is now tryin to FIX IT….

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